This documentary was released last week and handles B&K Enterprises, the firm that makes jumpsuits with permission of Bill Belew and Gene Doucette, who designed the originals.more
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For the 25th anniversary of Elvis death, Fox resurrected the classic ‘Flaming Star’. The remastered image quality is great and the film is presented in anamorphic widescreen giving you a theatre view on your (widescreen) television.more
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Thanks to a distortion in the television signal we had a good reason to put on “Follow That Dream”. A movie in which breaking down something (the car) is the start of this Elvis “vehicle”.more
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The image is very clear, better than the 60's movies we have so far. Still we have the idea that with a little more effort it could have been better.more
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We don’t feel we have to judge people that are making money out of Elvis (otherwise we had a very busy job), we just judge the product.more
Updated: Feb 12, 2003
Although the storyline isn’t too original, just fun in the sun with girls, Ursula still is. And with some original sunny music in the background it is no punishment to watch the movie.more
Updated: Feb 24, 2003
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