Universal decided to pick a grain with all the attention for the 25th anniversary and released one of Elvis’ latter movies on DVD.more
Updated: Oct 4, 2002
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One of Elvis better movies, even if this movie has the look and feel of a spaghetti western. The picture quality of this release is poor.more
Updated: Nov 10, 2001
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On one hand it is great to have another Elvis’ movie on DVD (one of his better 60’s roles, at least in my opinion), on the other, both picture and (especially) sound quality makes you hate it. As one of the very few advantages of this DVD is its price.more
Updated: Mar 8, 2003
I promised myself over and over again not to buy anything “just for the collection” anymore. Still I found myself with 4 DVDs that I probably won’t watch more than once (if I can make it all). The first one that I sat out completely is Charro!more
Updated: Aug 20, 2007
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Thanks to the world wide web and eBay we picked up a copy of this Chinese five DVD box containing Elvis' essential concert movies.more
Updated: Mar 20, 2005
When viewing the content the first thing you'll notice is that the picture quality is pretty sharp. Too bad, since you can see all the dust, scratches and other distortions too well now.more
Updated: Jan 27, 2002
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The DVD is an excellent story about the shaping of a man who changed pop culture and the music and the energy are very evident in every second of the show.more
Updated: Feb 17, 2002
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This release is a very interesting documentary on Elvis' first album and rise to fame. Because of the great original footage and original music in this great quality you'll probably watch is more than once.more
Updated: Dec 18, 2001
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Today I had the privilege to have a sneak preview on the Dutch BMG headquarters of both the new DVD’s. They were test-disc's from the factory so no packaging yet.more
Updated: Jun 8, 2004
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Released in China is the second variation on the Deluxe Edition “Comeback Special” DVD Set.more
Updated: Dec 5, 2004
The “mother of all Elvis releases” has come out, how to review this? Well just from the beginning.more
Updated: Jun 18, 2004
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