What a wacky guy Junichiro Koizumi is. When he's not battling bureaucracy or trying to revive the ailing economy, Japan's unprecedentedly popular prime minister likes nothing better than to chill out and listen to the music of the King: Elvis Presley.more
Updated: Sep 9, 2001
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Another Straight Arrow release finally reached me. This time it brings “a two mike ambiance live recording” of the show on February 14, 1973 in Las Vegas.more
Updated: Jan 5, 2011
Not too long ago Gravel Road Music delivered the second volume in this series.more
Updated: Apr 27, 2013
BMG Special Products reissues the old “Camden” records compilations. Is it special?more
Updated: Dec 29, 2006
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Between all the crap releases from questionable import labels this release from the new ReelTrax label was a pleasant surprise.more
Updated: Feb 13, 2008
Hardcore collectors should have this release of course. People that really like Elvis in 1970, but prefer soundquality above anything else, should go for one of the many BMG releases of the TTWII-shows.more
Updated: Feb 15, 2002
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