The seventeenth single from the re-issue series is “Way Down”, the last of the "old" singles in this #1 re-issue series. The single hit #1 originally on August 13, 1977, three days before Elvis death.more
Updated: Apr 16, 2005 Shop
We know Elvis rehearsed a lot, many rehearsals are released, and several rank high in the fan’s favorites lists. Now a CD came out with songs Elvis and his band did not rehearse. Can it be a fan’s favorite too?more
Updated: Jul 10, 2004
There is only one thing I don’t like about this CD: it’s too short! Make sure you have have it in your collection. And for those who have it in their collection … listen to it again: it’s one of the best!more
Updated: Jun 23, 2002 Shop
Venus released a CD with only 2 songs: Solitaire and Moody Blue, recorded in the Jungle room, hence the title Welcome To The Jungle.more
Updated: Sep 12, 2010
A couple of weeks ago this 2CD set was released on the Savoy-label. It contains mainly recordings from the April 1975 Tour, including "the never before released soundboard recording of the April 28, 1975 Lakeland (Fl) Show".more
Updated: Jun 23, 2002
Released on the X-entertainment label is the CD "What Now My Love" with the unreleased performance of February 23, 1973, Closing Night.more
Updated: Dec 5, 2005
FTD just released What Now My Love, The Midnight Shows August 1972. The 2CD contains (as expected) the midnight shows from August 11 and 12. Both shows have seen the day of light in more or less classic bootlegs: Fort Baxters Elvis At Full Blast and Madison's Hot August Night.more
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The second release from the ReelTracks import label is out; did they continue the great start they had with “You’ll Never Walk Alone”?more
Updated: Jun 13, 2008
The cover art of this CD is not very original, but done with taste. It will certainly appeal to the average public. But when in the mood for Christmas songs at all most fans might prefer "If Every Day", because that one contains only Christmas-songs.more
Updated: Oct 20, 2000 Shop
Elvis Presley Enterprises recently send out their annual Christmas card to the Presidents of the officially recognized fan clubs as their "thank you".more
Updated: Jan 1, 2006
In the classic soundtrack series FTD releases a soundtrack that was never released as soundtrack, not even on EP. Two of the songs ended up on singles, while the remaining tracks were placed on albums, two of them several years later on the “left overs” compilation Elvis For Everyone.more
Updated: Feb 2, 2008 Shop
The MxF label released Wild Tiger At The Hilton, containing the August 22, 1974 M.S. in audience recording.more
Updated: Feb 6, 2011
The fifth single in a line of seventeen #1 re-issues.more
Updated: Feb 15, 2005 Shop
Elvis Unlimited did an outstanding job releasing Elvis' "Spoken Words" on both this and the above mentioned "Press Conferences". The sets look great and together the form a complete collection. This is not a release you'll put in your player every week, bmore
Updated: Mar 31, 2002
Another release in the “Danish talking series” from Elvis Unlimited. Does it add to what was released already?more
Updated: Jul 17, 2004
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