This 10 CD set is a limited edition of 1000 copies, containing a huge part of Elvis catalogue in French.more
Updated: Jan 13, 2003
Memphis Recording Services (MRS) just released another book/CD package, covering Elvis time in Germany and the homerecordings made there.more
Updated: Mar 9, 2019 Shop
Finally a FTD release we were really looking forward to again. Did it meet the expectations?more
Updated: Apr 8, 2006 Shop
It isn't the worst 1977 show, but the sound quality isn't too good. A lot of noise and the band sounds loud compared to Elvis, and you hardly hear the Sweets. If not for collecting reasons, you can easily live without it.more
Updated: Jul 5, 2001 Shop
This is one of the few import releases that came out recently. It's an incomplete soundboard recording from April 26 1977.more
Updated: Jun 10, 2001
We can only say that you have to have it! Even if you have every single take released before, this FTD-release contains 74 minutes of pure listening pleasure.more
Updated: Nov 18, 2001 Shop
The "Memphis Sessions", another fine release from the FTD label brings us back to a time when The king was changing the direction of his Recordings, creating some of the best "style" of his career.more
Updated: Nov 11, 2001
No this is not our Seasnon's Greeting to you but a short review of a short, yet special, CD.more
Updated: Dec 15, 2004
We get the complete masters of the Graceland sessions here, but from the original LP "Let Me Be There" is omitted. Because it is available on "Live on Stage in Memphis" already, the cover states.more
Updated: Jun 5, 2000 Shop
Moody Blue was released June 19, 1977. Less than two months later Elvis Presley was dead of a massive heart attack probably caused by a combination of prescription drugs and excessive weight gain. Moody Blue would become a huge hit album reaching number three on the pop charts and remaining number one on the country charts for ten weeks. It would go on to sell three million copies in the United States.more
Updated: Aug 1, 2008 Shop
A FTD I was not really looking forward to. The Jungle Room sessions aren’t my piece of cake generally.more
Updated: Jan 11, 2014 Shop
BMG clearly stated that these releases are not for the fans, but for the general public.more
Updated: May 15, 2000 Shop
This compilation takes you through Elvis career, from 1953 to 2007 (yes, you’re reading this correctly).more
Updated: Nov 21, 2007
Finally a show from the June 1975! No, this isn’t the right start for the review of this CD, since it seems to be the zillionth, we even have “A Capital Performance” of the same day. Is it still worth buying?more
Updated: Oct 24, 2004
FTD just released a 2CD set with shows from the March 1974 tour. A tour that is not new to us. Does it meet the expectations?more
Updated: Apr 1, 2018 Shop
Released on the 20th August from The Memphis Recording Service (UK) Ltd and manufactured in the E.U is My Baby Left Me c/w One Sided Love Affair.more
Updated: Aug 22, 2007 Shop
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