The latest FTD batch arrived. Here is my view on Las Vegas 1975.more
Updated: May 27, 2016 Shop
Recently FTD release a 'regular' (5", 3 panel fold-out) 2CD set with two shows from August 20, 1974 (DS and MS) and some bonus material.more
Updated: May 13, 2017 Shop
Elvis’ August 18, 1975 Opening Show, released on CD for the first time.more
Updated: Sep 14, 2004
Released in a long line of Audience recordings from the Czech Republic is this "Las Vegas Moonlight" with Elvis December 10, 1975 midnight concert. This time a complete concert, contrary to the 14 year old “Neon City Lights” release of this concert.more
Updated: Nov 10, 2005
Another Czech release from the productive Memory label, this time with the last show Elvis gave in Portland. Is it as good as the shows on “Storm Over Portland?”.more
Updated: Oct 27, 2003
Does not contain something really new.more
Updated: Apr 2, 2000 Shop
This series can be a good introduction of Elvis in the Christian stores, gaining a new public, and in return a nice way to introduce that public to Elvis.more
Updated: Sep 1, 2001 Shop
The soundquality is fair, although it sounds a bit flat on some tracks, maybe because BMG didn't take the effort to remaster them recently, or the "latest" weren't used.more
Updated: Oct 2, 2000 Shop
The Audiophile Records label released their second CD title called "Let It Be Me" with a previously unreleased - and according to the press release completely unknown - audience recording of Elvis Presley's Midnight Show in Las Vegas, February 21, 1970, taken directly from the original master tape.more
Updated: Jan 3, 2007
Gravel Road Music just completed their 1971 series with Let It Rock, the closing show on February 23, 1971 (M.S.).more
Updated: Jun 8, 2014
The recent Madison outing arrived! Should you have it too?more
Updated: Jul 22, 2006
Finally a “new” song showed up, is it worth a CD?more
Updated: Aug 30, 2009
The latest outing on the FTD label is a silver disc full of material from the NBC Special. Is it something special?more
Updated: Oct 12, 2006 Shop
I reviewed the bootleg version of this release about one and a half year ago, now we have the official CD debut of this album.more
Updated: Dec 30, 2006 Shop
Released in the Polish import circuit – although you can never be sure with releases of this kind - is the CD “Let’s Be Friends”. Will we become friends with the producers?more
Updated: May 10, 2005
This "Talking Only" CD was released by the Dutch It's Elvis Time fan club and is the follow up of a previous release by the Dutch Elvis 4 Everyone fan club. We're wondering which fan club will release volume three.


The set itself is a digi-pamore
Updated: May 17, 2002
Like we wrote, we won't judge her on one song. With this kind of music Lisa will probably do well on the U.S. Country and hopefully Pop charts. We guess the curious Elvis fans will give her a good start, hopefully for Lisa the world will judge her on her own merits and like it.more
Updated: Jan 17, 2003
Just over a week ago Sony Legacy released the 11CD box Elvis Live 1969, containing 11 complete shows recorded during Elvis August 1969 gig at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Is it worth the money?more
Updated: Aug 17, 2019 Shop
Something you won’t expect in the classic album series, the EP of this movie, but here it is. At least it brings some new outtakes!more
Updated: Dec 18, 2015 Shop
Elvis' performances in Hawaii always have had something special, he performed the classic 'Aloha From Hawaii' there. Is this performance, released on the White Star label, special too?more
Updated: May 9, 2004
Released by the IF label is the first concert recording in what appears to be a live series. Together with this album the label released another live concert from Las Vegas.more
Updated: Feb 23, 2006
Released by the IF label is the second concert (audience) recording in what appears to be a live series. Together with this album the label released another live concert from Indiana.more
Updated: Mar 4, 2006
Released by the If label in their "Live from …" series is volume 3 with a concert recorded at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.more
Updated: May 27, 2006
Here are my first impressions of the new BMG "Live In Las Vegas" 4 CD's box-set ... TOTALLY AWESOME!!!more
Updated: Jul 18, 2001 Shop
As we approach the 24th anniversary of his death, Elvis Presley is still entertaining the masses. And probably doing a better job of it than the last 5 years of his life.more
Updated: Jul 8, 2001 Shop
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