BMG (RCA) already released the most of this June 6, 1975 (and June 7, 1975) show in the "Silver Box" and the Dutch fan club (It's Elvis Time) release "Live in Dallas". Did we really need this new release by "LoneStar" of what is available of this shows?more
Updated: Nov 20, 2001 Shop
FTD released an invalid set dedicated to the visit of British fans to the summer gig in Vegas, 1972. Could it have been a winner, this September 4 Dinner Show?more
Updated: Apr 11, 2014 Shop
Ferry proposed to do some "oldie" reviews every now and then. ElvisNews welcomed it, since it is fun to read somebody else's point of view. Here is his look on last year's Destination USA.more
Updated: Feb 22, 2015 Shop
Counting down Elvis’ UK #1 hits we reached #14; “Devil In Disguise”.more
Updated: Apr 6, 2005 Shop
Another Best Of release from the import circuit. Do we want to buy the same material once more?more
Updated: Dec 21, 2005
This CD has the feel and sound of a 'standard bootleg', a concert tape with some errors on it. But we’re glad to have it in our collection, especially this one because of the live version of 'Wooden Heart'. Elvis talks too much though.more
Updated: Nov 22, 2002 Shop
The Follow That Dream label released Elvis' dinner show from August 11, 1972, the Las Vegas Archives import label now released the August 5th. dinner show.more
Updated: Dec 8, 2008
Released by Legacy Recordings is the five track CD “Discover Elvis”. Is it a good starting point to discover our man?more
Updated: Oct 14, 2007
Since it is a compiled show already it looks a bit strange to add two bonus songs after the closing: a powerful "Bridge over Troubled Water" and a funny version of "Love Me Tender". But the concert feeling is lost a bit, since Elvis didn't do encores.more
Updated: Jul 18, 2001 Shop
This release, boasting superior sound quality, has a lot to be desired. The bootleg release from a 1976 Alabama concert has much better sound quality than this release has.more
Updated: Jul 18, 2001 Shop
I am one of those fans who adored Elvis in the 1970's and feel that this was the time when he most connected with his fans.more
Updated: Jul 15, 2001 Shop
By a good friend, for a good cause: recently Jordan’s Elvis World decided to release a CD(R), “Doing The Best I Can – From Fans To Fans” to collect $500.00 for the American Red Cross.more
Updated: Nov 16, 2005
Give Elvis a break: No image can stand up to 35,000 fat wannabes. Elvis took American music, made it something different, made us appreciate it. So let him speak for himself and give him a listenmore
Updated: Sep 25, 2002 Shop
The “Double Trouble” soundtrack has been released in the Follow That Dream 7 inch series. What Now, What Next, Where To?more
Updated: Oct 17, 2004 Shop
Overall the concert is good to listen to because of Elvis playful mood. The bonus tracks contain a new title, and therefore this is an interesting release from the collectors label for the Elvis’ collectors.more
Updated: Jul 4, 2003 Shop
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