Elvis has been remixed by DJs from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom; this time an Italian DJ stepped up to bring Elvis back to the wheels of steel ... literally.more
Updated: Feb 16, 2008
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A bit harder to pick up in Europe, but available through a few fan clubs for the fans who want this “exclusive” Graceland edition. Should they make the effort?more
Updated: Jul 6, 2008
MRS (Memphis Recordings Service) most recent outing is a book/6CD combination, handling the early 1960s: The Essential 1960-62 Masters, Rare Outtakes & Home Recordings.more
Updated: Nov 23, 2019
An album you can keep playing again and again. Most of the songs have the same bluesy feel, sad lyrics, with a strong performance by both Elvis and the band.more
Updated: Nov 15, 2001
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FTD’s most recent classic album is Back in Memphis, a strange release back then, since it was first included in the From Memphis to Vegas/ From Vegas to Memphis double album before it got its separate release.more
Updated: Jan 2, 2013
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Released on the “Memories Of Elvis” label is the CD “Back On The Mainland” with an audience recording of his January 26, 1973 performance from Las Vegas.more
Updated: Jun 29, 2005
Another co-production of Audionics and Fort Baxter saw the light of day this week. This time they revived CD4 of the A Profile, Volume 2 box, containing the midnight show of March 22, 1975 in Vegas. Is it worth the effort?more
Updated: Jul 16, 2008
As with most "talking only" releases we don't think this CD will make it to the player again than for looking something up.more
Updated: Aug 15, 2001
For the real collector, there's probably not too much he hasn't already got on these CD's. Although the thematic presentation of the out-takes is a great idea which makes the tracks come together as a whole.more
Updated: Oct 7, 2000
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Why oh why should anyone with a sound mind gonna listen to this noise … Even my worst vinyl sounds better. Keep your money in your pocket and wait for something worth to spend it.more
Updated: May 20, 2002
To be honest, we didn’t finish listening to this release. Listening to two hours of this kind of recordings in a row was too much. We simply miss a storyline.more
Updated: Sep 12, 2003
Well I am gonna compile a review "on the fly" during my second listen through. First off, lets say that the sound is very good for an audience, with a small question mark over the speed! But thankfully the speed and sound are consistent throughout the CD (no shades of Rock & Blues here!)more
Updated: Nov 24, 2007
Another soundboard on the FTD release, pushed a bit to the back because of the other two releases at the same time.more
Updated: May 4, 2005
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2005 starts off good with a “Best Of” release from two of the most respected import labels, Bilko and Ford Baxter.more
Updated: Jan 4, 2005
This follow-up to last year's successful "30 #1 Hits" again features a winning collection of 30 hits and important singles spanning the King's career, all remastered from the original tapes.more
Updated: Oct 17, 2003
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Here’s a release I’ve really been looking forward to: Black Angels in Vegas. Everybody knows the funky Black Angels story by now, so let’s not go into that. The reason I couldn’t wait to get this particular 2CD set, was because of the “complete package deal”: two cd’s plus an 85 pages booklet. And was it worth the wait? O my golly, yes.more
Updated: Aug 5, 2009
Blue Hawaii is probably the movie most associated with Elvis Presley. It is also his most popular and endearing. Its soundtrack would sell three million copies and spend an astounding 20 weeks atop the American music charts. This was good news and bad news for the career of Elvis.more
Updated: Jul 8, 2008
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FTD just released a 2CD version of Blue Hawaii, the beginning of the end according to a lot of fans.more
Updated: Mar 2, 2009
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MRS pointed its arrow on another movie, Blue Hawaii this time.more
Updated: Apr 30, 2012
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The second remix by Italian DJ Spankox is out; another hit?more
Updated: Jan 27, 2009
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Released on the new Hot Dog import label is the blues compilation “Blue Rhythms”. Will it give me the blues?more
Updated: Aug 29, 2008
The third single in the UK reissue series of eighteen classic singles that never made it to the #1 spot.more
Updated: Aug 21, 2007
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A release from BMG Special products, mainly distributed through Starbuck café’s in June.more
Updated: Jul 6, 2004
An import release on the Madison label, containing the evening show of October 6, 1974 in Dayton, Ohio.more
Updated: Jun 16, 2000
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It's a nice 1976 show of Elvis in good spirit and a fair voice for 1976. Two tracks are interesting, but not as interesting as this release announced.more
Updated: Jul 1, 2001
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