Hurray, another “Private Elvis In Germany” is not exactly what I thought after I heard about the release of this book.more
Updated: Mar 12, 2008
As told by Rex and Elizabeth (Stefaniak ) Mansfield. This is a poignant love story that is told individually by the two who lived it and then brought together by the author with a beautiful understanding of their feelings.more
Updated: Jul 14, 2002 Shop
So, we have to say, this book is surely worth buying. The die-hard collectors simply must buy it to keep up, while for the 'newbies' it is a nice book with a relatively nice price to start collecting Elvis-picturebooks.more
Updated: Sep 13, 2000 Shop
Did Joe Tunzi's JAT Publishing go into the restaurant business? It may appear so as he published an oversize menu. Fortunately for us fans, it contained a CD.more
Updated: Jun 6, 2009 Shop
Joe Russo and Steve Barile published the picture book “Something For Everybody”. Isit something for everybody?more
Updated: Nov 6, 2008 Shop
The latest co-production between Flaming Star and FTD is a book by Pal Granlund and David English about Elvis’ second movie, Loving You.more
Updated: Feb 25, 2014 Shop
Matt Shepherd, BBC journalist, wrote a book on Elvis’ songs. Does it add something to what we knew already?more
Updated: Dec 28, 2018 Shop
The forth Elvis Murder Mystery is out, will Elvis solve it this time?more
Updated: Sep 29, 2004 Shop
The latest FTD outing on paper (mainly) is a book David English, Keith Russel and Pål Granlund, with the making of Follow That Dream as main focus.more
Updated: Jul 10, 2013 Shop
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