This book by life long fan Sandi Pichon has just been issued by Apex Publishing. Is it a worthy addition to the huge library of “Elvis books”?more
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The latest team work by Flaming Star/FTD resulted in another themed book. This one, by David English and Pål Granlund, focusses on the period from August 16 until September 30, 1956.more
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How many times can they repackage Elvis Presley’s recordings, and how many times will we buy them?more
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To some people these books are boring, to others it is the ultimate addition to the collection. If you are familiar with JAT’s photo books, you know what to expect, and that is what you get.more
Updated: Aug 21, 2003
Another Flaming Star/ FTD book saw the light of day, this time it is dedicated to Elvis’ benefit show for the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.more
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This book has all the ingredients for making an excellent thematic book ; nice front and back cover, great pictures, memorabiliasmore
Updated: Jul 22, 2003
Released by the Follow That Dream label is an extended reprint of the book “Elvis In Texas” under the title “Rockin’ Across Texas”.more
Updated: Apr 26, 2005 Shop
This "Rough Guide To Elvis" is a great book if you want to get to know Elvis the man, Elvis' music, Elvis' life and so on and so on.more
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