We can do nothing else then take a deep bow for Jean-Marie Pouzenc and "Elvis My Happiness" for releasing this wonderful product. It didn't really surprise us, since we got some magnificent CD-releases from this source over the years.more
Updated: Jun 9, 2002
Another concert photo book, not from another planet, but from Luxembourg.more
Updated: Mar 19, 2005
A bit late to give my opinion on this FTD release, but because of some mixing up this book/ CD arrived in my mailbox only last week.more
Updated: May 20, 2007
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After a longer wait than expected - the products were announced for November 2014 - the latest Gravel Road Music’s outings are there: Love American Style and Vegas Rhythm. Let’s have a closer look on the first one, which is a re-release of “In Dreams Of Yesterday” by the Czech Memories label. It contains the June 28, 1974 E.S in Milwaukee.more
Updated: Feb 26, 2015
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