It is fast, but demanding: it forces you to read on, even when you know you should go to sleep, because you have to go to work again the next day.more
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"Schüller does a great job at pinpointing the characters of the major players, right down to Frau Pieper's unfriendly nature and the interplay between the German police and CIA agents is often quite comical. This book is a steal at just 11 euro.more
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After being merely occupied with technical stuff behind this site for more than two weeks, I finally found the time to put down my thoughts on the last FTD release I received, the book/CD King Creole – The Musicmore
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Anne E. Nixon collected her memories of the 40 or so Vegas shows she attended and wrote them all down in a book, together with Richard Harvey. Is it worth getting?more
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Local author documents Elvis Presley’s travels through Texas in new book.more
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