This book, which until now we only mentioned because the release date was postponed, tells the story of police men who had one or more – brief – encounters with Elvis.more
Updated: Jun 1, 2007
What can we say? At the price of 22 Euro we paid a lot for the complete TV Guide interview and a fan club like magazine.more
Updated: Aug 28, 2003
Peter Guralnick's introduction of the book is very promising. He tells us what to expect, a realistic view on a particular happening in time. He also warns us not to be misled by its simplicity.more
Updated: Nov 16, 2001 Shop
The original “Inside” series from Ger Rijff consisted of just books, the latest three releases in the “Inside” series from Elvis Unlimited and now Elvis Matters are box sets. We received a preview copy of the book, so we’re back to basics with an “Inside” book review.more
Updated: Apr 9, 2007 Shop
Elvis Unlimited released a Special Edition Box of their publication “Inside G.I. Blues”. Do we get the definitive “inside” view on this movie?more
Updated: Sep 8, 2006
The “Inside” book series continues, but this time we actually go inside a building.more
Updated: Jan 6, 2008 Shop
With "Inside Graceland" on the shelves at the ElvisMatters store, we couldn't resist in writing a review of the book. If you don't have it yet, this review will give you an idea of what to expect. The bottom line says it all, we think: ". If your Wish List for Santa isn’t mailed out yet, be sure to put this one on there too."more
Updated: Dec 10, 2007 Shop
Ger Rijff was so kind to send us a copy of “Inside Love Me Tender”, the latest book he contributed to. Supposedly his last contribution to my bookshelf, but fortunately news broke he will contribute – a little – to a sixties book “Inside Blue Hawaii”.more
Updated: Oct 23, 2008 Shop
A box set on one of Elvis lesser movies. Is the box set more interesting than the movie?more
Updated: Apr 3, 2007 Shop
Short interview from Golmine magazine with the author Jerry Hopkins on his book "Elvis in Hawai'i".more
Updated: Feb 5, 2003 Shop
For the most fans this book is about a must. It is a pity that it is only 100 pages. Joe Esposito did some nice work with "giving" this to the fans, and at least he never fails to see what it was all about: Elvis.more
Updated: Jan 21, 2000
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