Nearly two months after its release… my view on Ernst Jorgensen’s A Boy From Tupelo. It’s not only my fault or laziness that it took so long. I was waiting for the package and then found out not everyone can be trusted for his word… Anyway, I got the book with 3 CDs only a couple of weeks ago and needed some time to experience it.more
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We can only say that it was a pretty long time since we read a book about Elvis as fast as this one, hardly being able to put it away. Not surprisingly we recommend it to anyone who is interested in the rise of Elvis Presley.more
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Tim W. Brown wrote an article entitled "Poetry: The King Lives. Long Live The King!" on the "Advanced Elvis Course" book. It has been thirty-two years since Elvis Presley died at age 42, a bloated victim of prescription pills and Nutter Butters, and over fifty when a thinner Elvis burst onto the American scene, singing and twitching his way into the hearts of millions.more
Updated: Jun 4, 2009
Because of the diversity and the amount of unseen pictures this book is worth the publishing. We are a bit disappointed by the way it was worked out, but still happy to have it in our collection.more
Updated: Aug 11, 2002
Released by Elvis Unlimited is the follow up to their release “All Elvis”. Volume 2 features a new collection of rare and unpublished pictures of the King according to the subtitle, does it?more
Updated: Mar 1, 2006
Boxcar and JAT joined forces on a prestigious project on the 40th anniversary of the Aloha special.more
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Overall this is a nice book with a good theme for Americans during these days. There are a few great and new shots in this book.more
Updated: Dec 23, 2001
Over a decade ago Andreas Roth made the Elvis-world happy by issuing “Elvis in Munich”. Recently Volume 2 of what should be a trilogy about Elvis’ time in Germany saw the light of day. Did it come close to his former masterpiece?more
Updated: Nov 8, 2015
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