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October 21, 1975
Elvis had contractual commitments to RCA and the Colonel had come up with several ideas to fulfill these.
A collection of movie title tracks, an album especially for children and so forth. RCA had not yet responded to any of his suggestions, so now the Colonel went to RCA with a telegram from Elvis:
" I would like to work on an album for early '76 release, where I would do a combination, part conventional and part live from Las Vegas, during my Dec. 2-15 engagement. This would give a much better flavor with all the new material. Best regards, Elvis"
Nothing came from this suggestion.

After a stay of almost 3 months in a veterinary hospital in West Boston, Elvis' chow returned home.
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"A huge disappointment to me. A medley of "When The Saints Go Marching In" and "Down By The Riverside" sounds like a great GREAT idea, especially to a New Orleans guy like myself, and having heard Elvis sing both on the Million Dollar Quartet recording only made it seem even a better possibility. But overall, the "Frankie and Johnny" recording of this is pretty dull, with almost no trace of any soul or gospel. When you hear the "Trouble With Girls" recording of "Swing Down Sweet Chariot", you can see that it was possible to do a great version of a gospel standard even in a bad Elvis movie. It really is a shame and a more obvious missed opportunity to have created the go-to version of a standard (Living in N.O. I hear both these tracks--not Elvis's version of course--pretty constantly.)"


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