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April 20, 1954
Elvis started work at Crown Electric, where he started out driving a truck at $1 an hour, delivering supplies to building sited. He was hoping for the chance to train to be an electrician.
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"I really like the distorted guitarsound, but since there were 4 guitar players on the session, I have no idea who played it. I too think that Elvis could've used his "New Orleans" vocal on this one. It's still good though."


Coming out soon is the new Straight Arrow CD release titled "WALKIN‘ TALKIN‘ GLITZ CITY BLUES", featuring the August 23rd, 1972 Dinner show. It is taken from an original mono...[more]
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Destination USA5 reactions
FTD released an invalid set dedicated to the visit of British fans to the summer gig in Vegas, 1972. Could it have been a winner, this September 4 Dinner Show?[more]
Updated: Apr 11, 2014
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