This CD is a kind of devil in disguise. A very nice package that is hiding a poor audio-product, to collectors nice anyway.more
Updated: Feb 20, 2000 Shop
A surprise release by Venus was announced just over a week and released about immediately.more
Updated: Apr 9, 2011
Elvis Presley began the 1970’s with the release of his second live album. This was good news and bad news. The good news was On Stage: February 1970 was an energetic release of songs that were new to his catalogue at that time. Elvis did not recycle older material but took some chances and attacked the song choices with passion. The bad news was that he would become increasingly dependent upon live releases. They proved to be an easy way to issue an album and would gradually decline in quality as the seventies progressed.more
Updated: Jul 18, 2008 Shop
After some short delay the upgraded edition of the “On Stage” album finally arrived. Was it worth the wait?more
Updated: Apr 30, 2010 Shop
Second of three DVD import releases is "On Stage - The Rock And Roll Years". The other DVDs in this series are a collection of movie performances and the CBS Special.more
Updated: Sep 18, 2005
In September Backdraft released one of the best boxsets ever, Rebooked At The International. For obvious reasons that release was a complete sell out within days. Now Backdraft released On Stage – The Ultimate Editon, for those that missed the full boxset.more
Updated: Dec 14, 2011
Here is a new preview of the upcoming photo-book by Keith Alverson, which should be out this week.more
Updated: Dec 10, 2000
Memory Records re-released two concerts again. Are they worth buying?more
Updated: May 12, 2004
Released in the import circuit is an Elvis video clip compilation titled “On The Screen”. This time no home made clips, but fragments from Elvis' movies.more
Updated: Jun 27, 2005
Merry Christmas, Yes indeed it is. I think we will be treated to one of the best times in Elvis' career since "That's the way it is" came out a few years ago.more
Updated: Dec 25, 2004 Shop
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