We finally tracked down a copy of this first escape in the Fort Baxter re-issue series "Fort Baxter Classic Series". Since it was a re-release we skipped it at first, but decided to give it a spin.more
Updated: Sep 15, 2005
For the first time ever Kwimper Records presents "Follow That Dream" recording sessions from the first generation tapes. As an added bonus Kwimper Records included the actual masters.more
Updated: Feb 29, 2000
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This week we take a closer look at a site we kept in our mind for some time now. André Mester's "Keep Him In Mind" website.more
Updated: Jan 30, 2000
Steve Braun replied to our request for reader's input, thank you very much! Want to follow Steve? Write us!more
Updated: Sep 13, 1999
Released by the Audionics label is the CD “Keep the Fire Burning”, we ask ourselves the question is it still burning?more
Updated: Apr 13, 2005
Here are a few background comments from Kevan Budd, responsible for the great restoration and mastering of some of the latest Elvis' releases, regarding the Follow That Dream reissue of “Elvis Presley”. On message boards there was discussion on some issues, the FTD team also received several e-mails from fans, Kevan gives some background information on several of these issues.more
Updated: Jul 27, 2006
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After "Chaos In The Park" the Straight Arrow label releases a concert with chaos on the stage.more
Updated: Jun 23, 2007
MGM released this DVD late 2003 on a region 2 DVD. The cover isn’t very spectacular and the DVD itself carries the same picture. The back cover has a short “story behind the story”, next to the usual information.more
Updated: Feb 5, 2004
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Out now is a new soundtrack on the FTD label, "Kid Galahad".more
Updated: Dec 10, 2004
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It is fast, but demanding: it forces you to read on, even when you know you should go to sleep, because you have to go to work again the next day.more
Updated: Jan 26, 2002
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