G.I. Blues was the first Elvis movie released after his discharge from the army in 1960. It is not among my favorite three Elvis films but might make the top five or six. It sneaks up on you and provides some light and ultimately enjoyable entertainment. This romantic comedy co-starred Juliet Prowse of whom Elvis stated, “She has a body that would make a bishop stomp his foot through a stained glass window.” Can you say attraction?more
Updated: Jul 4, 2008
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Recently MRS released G.I. Blues The Café Europa Sessions. This is possible since the recordings are in the public domain due to European copyright laws. Is it the definitive G.I. Blues collection?more
Updated: Apr 17, 2011
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After some postal problems I finally got Gravel Road Music’s deluxe 40th anniversary edition of the rehearsals on July 15, 1970 in the MGM studios in Culver City: Get Down And Dirty. The 2CD set is an extended re-release of Fort Baxter’s Get Down And Get With It.more
Updated: Mar 28, 2010
This is the kind of package that makes even soundtrack recordings interesting. For a “boring” soundtrack like this one, this package makes it worth buying.more
Updated: May 6, 2003
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Although I can’t handle 3 of them at the same time anymore, the title is one of the most appealing of Elvis’ movies, thus soundtracks.more
Updated: Nov 19, 2007
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The new Wolf Call label spits out release after release. Should you keep up?more
Updated: Dec 5, 2007
We can only conclude that the collectors will have many of the takes, but not this (nearly) complete. The sound quality is certainly not perfect, but to those that love to hear the evolution of a song, this CDR is very enjoyable and a must have, in our opmore
Updated: Mar 13, 2002
Is going back in time to hear Elvis perform on February 15, 1977 a trip worth making?more
Updated: Aug 9, 2006
Just before Christmas this present from FTD was delivered.more
Updated: Dec 27, 2015
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Another Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold classic that originally made it to #1 in the UK.more
Updated: Mar 12, 2005
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