Elvis has been remixed by DJs from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom; this time an Italian DJ stepped up to bring Elvis back to the wheels of steel ... literally.more
Updated: Feb 16, 2008
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A bit harder to pick up in Europe, but available through a few fan clubs for the fans who want this “exclusive” Graceland edition. Should they make the effort?more
Updated: Jul 6, 2008
An album you can keep playing again and again. Most of the songs have the same bluesy feel, sad lyrics, with a strong performance by both Elvis and the band.more
Updated: Nov 15, 2001
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FTD’s most recent classic album is Back in Memphis, a strange release back then, since it was first included in the From Memphis to Vegas/ From Vegas to Memphis double album before it got its separate release.more
Updated: Jan 2, 2013
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Released on the “Memories Of Elvis” label is the CD “Back On The Mainland” with an audience recording of his January 26, 1973 performance from Las Vegas.more
Updated: Jun 29, 2005
Another co-production of Audionics and Fort Baxter saw the light of day this week. This time they revived CD4 of the A Profile, Volume 2 box, containing the midnight show of March 22, 1975 in Vegas. Is it worth the effort?more
Updated: Jul 16, 2008
As with most "talking only" releases we don't think this CD will make it to the player again than for looking something up.more
Updated: Aug 15, 2001
For the real collector, there's probably not too much he hasn't already got on these CD's. Although the thematic presentation of the out-takes is a great idea which makes the tracks come together as a whole.more
Updated: Oct 7, 2000
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Why oh why should anyone with a sound mind gonna listen to this noise … Even my worst vinyl sounds better. Keep your money in your pocket and wait for something worth to spend it.more
Updated: May 20, 2002
To be honest, we didn’t finish listening to this release. Listening to two hours of this kind of recordings in a row was too much. We simply miss a storyline.more
Updated: Sep 12, 2003
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