The latest Flaming Star/ FTD issue is about a period when Elvis was sitting on top of the world: late 1970/ early 1971: Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash by David English, Pal Granlund and Paul Richardson. Is this book also on top of the list?more
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Steve Rino compiled a massive 400 pages book on Elvis’ first six months in 1956. Is big beautiful?more
Updated: Jan 30, 2009
We’ve read a lot by the guys who were there in the later years, but not too much from the guys who were there in the early days. This book contains DJ Fontana’s version of (especially) the fifties part of Elvis life and is told in a very pleasant, open and positive way. It is one of the better books we’ve read recently .more
Updated: Dec 4, 2002
FTD issued this book subtitled The HMV Years 1956-1958 recently. Is it worth buying?more
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Another co-production between Flaming Star and FTD, this time it’s Trevor Simpson’s second part of The Best Of British.more
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Many people looked forward to what seemed to be the final book on Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk a.k.a. Thomas A. Parker a.k.a. The Colonel. Are the mysteries solved in this book?more
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I rate this book 5 STARS and would rate it higher had not the publisher stupidly cut her manuscript in half in order to keep the price of the book down.more
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No one will disagree with you if you state that the liveshows Elvis performed on 12 and 14 January of 1973 at the Honolulu Center in Hawaii belong by far to the best performances of his carreer. They were the crowning glory of the King’s work, 35 years ago and would enter history as a milestone in the history of popular music: for the first time, an entertainer performed ‘live’, through satellite, for an audience of one billion viewers. A book was thus the logic next step.more
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Finally a photographic memoir on two fan favorites, “That’s The Way It Is” and “On Tour”. Was it worth the 30 years wait?more
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Set for release on November 19th is the book “The Elvis Archives” written and compiled by British fan club president Todd Slaughter and international Elvis expert Anne E. Nixon. How deep did they dig in the Elvis Archives?more
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